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Auto Title Transfer

How to do an auto title transfer?

Anytime there is a change in any vehicle’s registered owner, that change needs to be immediately updated in DMV’s records through an auto title transfer and the Houston certificate of title needs to be transferred to the new owner.

A change in a vehicle’s ownership is mostly due to:

  • Donation
  • Gift
  • Sale
  • Adding or deleting the name of an owner
  • Inheritance
  • Satisfaction of lien

In order to enjoy fast title services in Houston, keep these things with you:

  • The signature of the seller
  • The signature of the buyer
  • A transfer fee

You might need to fill and submit additional forms depending on the type of your auto title transfer. Swift Auto Titling Services Houston will take care of all your title transfer needs and submit your title transfer paperwork to the county’s tax office for you. Our professionals will ensure that you enjoy fast title services.

Our team of experts has years of experience in transferring auto titles. No other title transfer agency offers the knowledge and experience that we do. When it comes to getting your vehicle registered in Houston, there is no better team to turn to than Swift Auto Title Services.

Some additional information about fast title transfer:

Vehicle Sales

Are you planning to buy or sell a vehicle? Our title transfer services will protect both the buyer and the seller. Our experts will prepare all the required documents to get the title transferring process fast and handle everything in between. This will all be done with our fast title services in Houston and without a trip to the DMV.

Vehicle Donation

Swift Titling Services Houston can assist you in donating or gifting a vehicle to a friend or family member. A donation of a vehicle is an authentic act that is held in the presence of two witnesses transferring the ownership of a vehicle. Moreover, in most cases, an auto donation is a tax-free transaction that only requires title, registration, and plate fees. You provide us with all the valid information and we will do the rest for you.

Auto Heir-ship

Have you inherited a vehicle through a family member’s ‘Last will and Testament’? The experts at Swift Auto Title Services can assist you in the most complicated title transfer case.

Call one of our agents directly at (832) 831-3105. We can also advise you on the things like ‘Bonded Titles’ and ‘Dealers License’ as well.


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