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An auto title is a lot more than just a piece of paper. It holds immense importance. If you have lost or misplaced your auto title, you will certainly need to get a replacement title as soon as possible. Read on to understand how we can help with lost auto titles in Houston, TX.

What Is an Auto Title?

In simple words, an auto title is proof of ownership of a vehicle. If you own a vehicle outright, the title will provide evidence that you are the legal owner of the vehicle. It is extremely important to replace the lost auto title as you cannot sell your vehicle without it. We can help clients replace lost auto titles.

How to Replace Lost Auto Titles?

If the vehicle has a title in your name, you can get a replacement for a lost auto title from your local department of motor vehicles office (DMV). All you have to do is provide proof of ownership that may include showing some documents like the payment of a previous loan on the vehicle. Besides that, you will have to pay a small fee to get the replacement title. You may also be asked to provide some personal information and your vehicle’s (VIN) ‘Vehicle Identification Number’. Remember, the new title will indicate that it’s a replacement title. This allows you to differentiate any lost auto titles from original ones.

In case you have purchased a car from a private seller and the title was lost before it was transferred to your name, there still is a possibility of obtaining a replacement. The best way is to ask the previous owner of the vehicle to submit a replacement request. As soon as they receive the duplicate title, they can transfer the title over to you.

How do you Transfer a Car Title?

To transfer your car title, can visit any Harris county tax office, but if you are busy and want someone reliable to take care of the entire title transfer process, you can always count on us.

What Do I Need to Transfer A Car Title?

Listed below are the documents you’ll be required to submit to complete the title transfer process:

  • A completed title transfer form signed by you
  • Proof of car insurance coverage
  • Vehicle documents from the seller which may include the title and a bill of sale
  • Driver’s license
  • Insurance policy documents

The Process of Transferring a Car Title

Transferring a car title consists of two steps. The first step is for the seller whereas the second step is for the buyer. In the first step, the seller has to release ownership of the vehicle. They can do this by signing the title. The buyer then takes this signed title to the Harris County tax office and the state issues the new title and vehicle registration. Sometimes, additional paperwork may be involved in the transfer process and you can get help from Swift Auto Title Services to complete the car title transfer process.

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