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An auto title is proof of ownership of the vehicle. Without a car title, you cannot prove that you legally own the vehicle. It is issued by the DMV office at the time the vehicle is sold. With the help of Swift Auto Title Service in Houston, you can now speed up your auto title transfer process.

Types of Auto Titles

When purchasing a vehicle, make sure you know that the vehicle has a clean or clear title. This means that the vehicle doesn’t have any previous record of major damage or repair. However, it doesn’t mean that the vehicle never got into an accident, just that it’s not a total loss and there is a proper record of old owners.

A vehicle that was involved in an accident and was declared a total loss, or has experienced some serious flood damage, may be given a branded title. As compared to cars with clean titles, cars with a branded title are cheaper.

If you want to transfer your car title in a fast and easier way, you can always avail our titling services in Houston, Texas. No more standing in long queues or leaving your important meeting for the title transfer process. Swift Auto Title Services will take care of all your needs.

Title vs Registration

Besides getting a title, you must also register your vehicle. A car title shows that you are the legal owner, whereas a registration certificate proves that your vehicle is legally permitted to go on public roads. Driving without registering your car is considered illegal and you may be fined for it.

How to Find Your Auto Title?

If you have lost your auto tile, don’t panic! You can always request a duplicate title from the local county tax office. All you have to do is fill out the duplicate-title application, pay the fee, and submit the relevant documents.

Storing Your Vehicle Title

Till now, you must be aware of the importance of an auto title, so make sure you guard it carefully. Store your title in a place where you are sure it will be safe from any damage. Don’t keep it in your car. Keep it with important documents like your passport or birth certificates. If you are in need of any type of titling services in Houston, Texas, you can get in touch with Swift Auto Title Services.

Warning Signs to Watch For

Before purchasing a used vehicle, don’t forget to do your due diligence. Check if the vehicle has a title and ensure that it is legal in the state you are buying the vehicle. Use the VIN number on the title to see the history report of the vehicle. Also, get the vehicle checked thoroughly by a professional mechanic.

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