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Cars are important for many people who have to use the vehicle to go to work, drop their children at school, run errands and more. Moreover, having a vehicle allows you to do more social work and gives you a kind of freedom of movement. However, buying a new car can be difficult for many people because of high costs. That’s when people go for used cars. If you are also someone who is planning to buy a used vehicle, make sure you perform a vehicle title search as it helps you make an informed decision. Moreover, if you are looking for some excellent auto title services, or if you want to learn how to perform a vehicle title search, you can always count on us.

Why Run a Vehicle Title Search?

Running a vehicle title search can be extremely beneficial. It can help you learn about the history of the vehicle that the owner might not have told you. Most sellers are dishonest about the details they provide while others may not know the history themselves.

When you run a vehicle title search, you get to know various things like whether the vehicle has been involved in any minor or major accidents or not. This can impact the value of the vehicle as well as the performance of the car you are planning to buy. Besides that, you will also get to know whether the owner knows the true history or is just trying to misguide you and get you to buy the car at a higher price. If you need any kind of auto titling services in Houston, we are always there to help.

How to Perform a Vehicle Title Search?

  • Get a limited history report
  • Obtain a free VIN check
  • Take help from third-party database sites that take vehicle history data from national databases

What is Included in a Vehicle Title Search?

  • Title checks
  • Previous owners of the vehicle
  • Accident history
  • Flood damage
  • Odometer issues
  • Basic maintenance records
  • Liens against the vehicle
  • Records of theft
  • History of airbag deployment

What to do if there is a Lien on the Car?

One of the most important reasons to perform a vehicle title search is to check if there is a lien against a vehicle or not. In case you find out that there is a lien but you are still interested in buying the vehicle, there are a couple of options that you can consider.

Make a deal to pay the lien off when you buy the car. This should be done before transferring the title. It is better to perform it safely in the presence of both the buyer and seller. Negotiate the final sale price with the price you’ll pay the lien in mind. You can also ask the seller to pay off the lien with a good faith agreement that you will buy the vehicle once the vehicle is lien-free.

If you are looking for titling services in Houston, you can always contact Swift Auto Title Services.

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