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Sometimes, common title issues can occur but there are solutions to all those issues. Whether you want to change the name on your car’s title or want to fix a mistake on a vehicle title, there is always a way to do it. Listed below are some popular auto title issues and some tips on how to resolve them. Just remember, if you want to avoid title issues, you can always count on our titling service in Houston, TX.

Mistakes on a Car Title Cannot Be Crossed Out

If there are some mistakes in your title, it is best to leave them alone. Trying to erase them or correcting them with a correction fluid will void your vehicle’s title. Instead, bring your title to Swift Auto Title Services and we will get it corrected for you.

Damaged Car Titles are Usually No Good

A simple accident can void your car title. When selling your vehicle, you cannot present a damaged title, be that due to water damage or rips and tears. You must have a flawless car title that can help the transaction go smoothly. The best thing you can do is fix the title before selling your car. Moreover, you can apply for a duplicate title. If you want to avoid long queues and all the hassle, our titling service in Houston will be glad to do it for you.

What if the Wrong Person Signed Your Title?

When selling a vehicle, several things can happen; the potential buyer can back out at the last minute. It is also possible that you signed the title and were all set to transfer it when everything fell apart, leaving you with a title with another buyer’s name on it. In such a case, the title gets null and void. In such a case, you must register for a new title. If you want a new title fast, you can come to us anytime. We provide the best and fastest auto titling services in Houston, Texas.

What if You Never Transferred the Title into Your Name?

If you are planning to sell your car but realize that your name is not on the title, go and get it corrected first. This is the right thing to do for yourself and the next person buying your car. Thankfully, Swift Auto Title Services can help you with this. Plus, remember, if you are buying a vehicle and notice the seller’s name is not correct on the title, do yourself a favor and walk away. Otherwise, get ready to deal with a scammer. However, if you are determined to buy the vehicle anyway, make sure the seller gets a replacement title in their name before the deal is closed.

Listed above are some of the common title issues you might face. If you are not sure how to deal with these auto title issues, contact Swift Auto Title Services.

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