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There are several risks involved in buying a car without a title. This might not only be illegal in your state but you also leave a room open to a number of scams and schemes. If you are buying a car that requires title transfer, you can always count on our titling service in Houston.

Buying a Car without a Title can be Risky

Swift Auto Title Services is a Houston auto title service provider that is a fully licensed and certified company that has been proudly doing business in Houston, Texas for years now. In case you have any questions on how to replace a lost car title or how you can get a bonded title, you can always contact our experts. At Swift Auto Titling services Houston, we will save your time, effort and protect you from all the stress when replacing a lost car title.

Buying a car without a title can get you in a lot of trouble. Here are some of the risks you take when you buy a car without a title:

The seller could be a scammer

Buying a car without a title is legally wrong, and on top of that, you are expecting a stranger to not scam you. Moreover, the seller could give you wrong information about the car, they could lie about all the repairs and damages, or they could simply pass on some major issues to you that require a lot of hard work. After weeks or months, the worst can happen, you can get to know that there is a lien attached to the car’s ownership and the seller is lost. When you are purchasing a car, it is best to get the title transfer done before you give away all the money. You can benefit from our titling services Houston; we have experts who can handle all your title transfer needs.

The Car Could Be Stolen

It is a possibility that the seller is selling his ex-wife’s car without her permission. Maybe they are selling a car they stole last month and are just looking for someone to offload it. To ensure the seller is not handing you over a stolen car, run a VIN check. Do this before closing the deal, and if the seller refuses to give you the VIN number, consider it as a red flag. Our Houston auto title service is always there to fulfill all your auto title needs.

The Car’s History is a Mystery

A lot of things could be hidden on that lost title. The title may have a flood/salvage status or there could be an active lien that the owner didn’t want to pay off, there are so many possibilities. Besides that, it could even be in someone else’s name because of an auction or inheritance. You can’t even tell how many times the car has changed hands without a title. If the car had changed hands multiple times, then this is a serious crime known as title jumping. Anyone involved in it will have to face serious consequences. At Swift Auto Titling service in Houston, we encourage you to make sure you get a title before buying the car.

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