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What is a Branded Title?

A branded title indicates whether a vehicle has sustained any damage related to flooding, accident, fire, or theft during the time of its use. Moreover, branded titles depend largely on the vehicle’s condition and the state where the title is being imposed. Remember, only a state official has the authority to assign a branded title and register it in the documents. If you are not sure about your state-specific information, you can check the local tax office in your area.

Buying a used vehicle may seem like an economical option but it has its own risks. Make sure you check all the documentation to be sure about the history of the car for safety reasons. Branded titles signify if the vehicle could be potentially dangerous to drive. In case you are planning to purchase a used vehicle, it is important to understand its meaning.

Types of Branded Titles

Salvage: A vehicle that has been totaled due to damages. A car with a salvage title cannot be driven legally unless it is rebuilt.

Rebuilt: A car with a rebuilt title is referred to as reconditioned or repaired.

Flood/Water Damage: A vehicle that has experienced water damage usually due to a flood event. This is important because flood damage can create some serious electrical issues with the vehicle which is the reason it gets difficult to repair it.

Junk: A vehicle that is legally inoperable and can only be sold for parts and scrap is also known as non-repairable.

Odometer rollback: A vehicle has an Odometer title that is considered unreliable. It is tampered with to show a lower mileage.

Lemon: A car has a lemon title that has had an issue repaired repeatedly without any results. Sometimes, the issues stem from the manufacturer.

What is Title Washing?

Title washing is a kind of fraud. The main purpose behind this fraud is to hide branded titles. People who want to sell their vehicles without disclosing branded titles use title washing to fool the buyer. This is illegal. If you suspect title washing, make sure you immediately report it to the authorities in your state.

What Does a Clean Title Actually Mean?

A clean title is basically a default title. This means that all vehicles start out with a clean title. If a vehicle has a clean title, it shows the vehicle has never experienced any circumstances that could cause it to have a branded title. The usual case is getting totaled or receiving a flood damage title.

However, having a clean title doesn’t mean that the vehicle has never been damaged. In case a car sustained damage in the past and the cost of the repair didn’t exceed the car’s worth, then the car can maintain its clean title. This is the reason to always ask a reliable mechanic to check the vehicle over before you make any commitments to purchase the vehicle. You can also obtain vehicle reports that offer a complete history of accidents. For professional assistance in transferring a car with a branded title, contact the office of Swift Auto Title Services at (832) 831-3105

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