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When it comes to buying a used car, there is very little paperwork that needs to be done. However, there are some papers you need because without them, you won’t be allowed to drive your car home. If you want to perform a title transfer in Houston, Texas, you can always count on Swift Auto Title Services.

Once you are all set to purchase your car, ensure you have these essential documents with you:

Driving license

You must make sure that you have your driving license with you. A driving license is required to prove that you can legally drive the vehicle and it also helps in proving your identity. The seller will use your driving license to match all the details you have provided.

Insurance policy

Buying the car itself doesn’t require you to have an insurance policy in place. However, in order to drive the car that you have bought, you will need an insurance policy. Once you have insured the car, you will be legally allowed to drive it.

Vehicle tax

Whether you are buying a new or a used vehicle, the car’s tax is not transferrable from the previous owner to the new one, even if the seller assures that the car has been taxed. Moreover, you will have to tax the car before you start to drive it.

Payment documents

When you are making the payment, make sure you have all the necessary paperwork with you.

Our Title service in Houston is always there to fulfill your auto title needs. Whether you want to get a new title or want a title transfer done, Houston Auto Title Services is more than glad to help you. When you hire us you don’t have to worry about standing in long queues or filling out lengthy forms.

Information to ask the seller when buying a used car

Vehicle Registration

You must get the reference numbers from the car’s registration document from the seller. Not only does the vehicle registration book prove that they are the registered owner of the vehicle, but it will also be handy in case a problem arises in the future. Therefore, you must make certain the seller hands this over to you.

Seller details

In case you are buying a vehicle from a private seller and their name and address don’t match the ones given on the vehicle’s registration book, you must consider it as a red flag. Likewise, if details on the vehicle registration book don’t match the engine number or VIN of the car, you must ask for a reasonable explanation for it. Also, ensure you are getting original watermarked documents and not just copies.

Service history

Ask the seller to show you the car’s service history and check if there are any records of some kind of work done on the vehicle. Make sure the service book contains all the important information like the date, name, miles covered when the vehicle was serviced, work done, and its cost.

Contact us when Buying a Used Car

At Swift Auto Title Services, our team of experts is always ready to fulfill all your auto title-related needs. Be it getting a new title, bonded title, title transfer, buying a used car, or replacing a lost auto title, you can count on Houston Auto Title Services. Call us today at (832) 831-3105 for details!

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