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Purchasing a car may be a process filled with numerous questions. Before acquiring a car, it is important to understand the status of the title. Many people have no idea what a title labeled ‘bonded’ implies. The title of a vehicle contains information like who owns it etc. When someone buys a car and gets the title transferred into their name, they get a certificate of title. However, things are not as smooth always. Sometimes, the process doesn’t go as planned, especially when the car has a bonded title. Our Auto Title Service Houston is always there to help you with your auto title transfer needs.

What is a Bonded Title?

Getting a bonded title is not a difficult thing to do. All you have to do is understand the fundamentals of how this kind of title works. Moreover, such a title can be used instead of a traditional auto title to register your vehicle with the concerned authorities, sell the vehicle, or get insurance for the vehicle. If you want such a title for your vehicle, you can avail of our Houston Auto Titling Service.

Why does a vehicle have a bonded title?

There are instances when a car title is lost or damaged. In such a situation, it gets difficult to verify that you are the lawful owner of the vehicle. That’s when you’ll have to go through a proper procedure to obtain this kind of title. We provide the best Auto Titling Houston services in Texas and surrounding areas. You can rely on us for all your auto title needs.

Do I Need a Bonded Title?

Various situations can require the holder to obtain such a title:

  • You bought a vehicle from a seller who didn’t provide you with a title
  • A seller sold you a vehicle without the name of the current owner on the title
  • You bought an antique or custom vehicle that doesn’t have a title
  • The seller provided you with the vehicle title but you lost it before getting it transferred to your name

After a specific period as stated by your state’s law, your bonded title will eventually become a normal one. Furthermore, you can sell your car that has a bonded title but you will have to disclose to the potential buyers that your car has a bonded title. You can avail our quick and reliable Houston Auto Titling Service for all your auto title needs.

How to Quickly Obtain Your Title Bond?

In the majority of cases, bonded titles can be obtained within minutes. Once your payment has been done, your certificate will be issued.

Listed below is the information you must have on hand when requesting such a document:

  • Name (as seen on your driver’s license)
  • Address
  • Year, manufacture, and model of the vehicle
  • The number assigned to a vehicle (VIN)
  • The worth of a car

At our Auto Title Service Houston, we can help you acquire a bonded title within a matter of minutes. Call us today at (832) 831-3105

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