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There are times when a friend or a family member is looking to sell a car. However, they might not be available because they are away on business or due to some other reason they cannot sell the car. Suppose they ask you to step in, they insist you do it for them, but you are not sure if you are allowed to sell a car that is not technically in your name. If you are someone in this situation, keep on reading to get your answers regarding selling a car.

Can I sell a car on behalf of someone else?

Yes, you can sell a car on behalf of someone else, be it your friend, husband, wife or any other family member. However, you will have to make sure that the correct documentation is in place. If you need more guidance or are looking for auto tile services, you can contact our Houston Auto Tile Company.

What is required to sell someone else’s car?

If you are selling a family member’s or a friend’s car on their behalf, they ask them to give you power of attorney or provide you with a confirmation letter of intent. You must be able to provide all the necessary vehicle documentation.

A power of attorney is a legal document that allows a person to delegate authority over his or her financial affairs to another individual. Furthermore, the person who holds power of attorney can perform asset transactions and banking activities on behalf of the other person. In most cases, this is done when a person cannot handle tasks for themselves or is ill.

If the owner of the car has signed a power of attorney form allowing you to sell his or her car on their behalf, this means you can legally sell it off.

Looking to sell a car on behalf of someone? Contact Houston DMV services for guidance or call the office of Swift Auto Title Services. We can help make selling a car easier.

Cases where you may need to sell a car on someone else’s behalf

The owner is deceased and you need to transfer the title

This process will require you to provide the owner’s death certificate. This can usually be done by relatives.

The owner is deployed in the military

Sometimes, when a member of the military is deployed, they leave their car in the care of a close friend or a trusted civilian relative. Before deployment, many military service members provide power of attorney to their relative so they can handle the assets during the time they are posted.

If you are not the owner of the car, you are not allowed to sell the car unless you have a power of attorney. The Houston DMV services won’t take your word unless you have the signed certificate of title. For more details, contact a Houston Auto Title Company for assistance.

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