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A car title tells about the legal owner of the car along with the overall value of the car. Moreover, owning a clean title helps in adding more value to your car and can also help you get more out of a title.

There are various key car terms that every car owner should know such as what a car title is and what’s the meaning of a clean title. If you want quick and affordable auto title transfer services, you can always count on Swift Auto Title Services.

What is a Car Title?

A car title is a primary legal document that you must take care of when buying a car. It shows you own your vehicle and need it to officially own it. That title being clean makes your vehicle even more valuable as an asset. A car title might have some of the following information:

  • Model and year of the car
  • Vehicle Identification Number
  • License plate
  • Car owner information and driver’s license
  • Vehicle history report

If you don’t want to stand in long queues t have your car title sorted, you can rely on Swift Auto Title Services for all your auto title needs.

What Does a Clean Car Title Mean?

A clean title doesn’t always mean that the vehicle is perfect. However, it surely means that the car is not a salvage car. Salvage cars are the ones that are considered a total loss. A clean title means that all is good with the vehicle. Though it might need some repairs, those repairs won’t cost a lot. Additionally, cars with clean titles can be sold easily and that is also for the best value since there are not many concerns like debts or damages that need to be fixed.

Why Does a Clean Title Matter?

A clean title adds great value to your car which will mean a lot in situations such as while trading your car, refinancing it, or using your vehicle as collateral to obtain a title loan. Furthermore, the status of ‘Clean Title’ is only removed when your vehicle is damaged to an extent where the repairs would cost more than the total worth of the vehicle. This kind of damage is generally caused by a car accident or when a proper car maintenance routine is neglected for quite a while. You can continue reaping the benefits of a clean title by being a responsible car owner.

Whether you are planning to sell a vehicle, buy a vehicle, or get a car loan, the auto title is an essential document. Also, make sure you take vehicle maintenance seriously so you can enjoy the benefits of a clean title.

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